About Sebastien Leblond

Sebastien LeblondSebastien Leblond has over a decade of experience in financial planning. He is the author of the total financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M. System book and closely involves with the international acclaimed success guru, Anthony Robbins. His experience ranges from being a trusted financial adviser and wealth coach to several high net-worth individuals and helping 400 expatriates with their financial planning and investment needs.
Sebastien is the president of Leblond Associates Co., Ltd and vice president of the Thai Canadian Chamber of commerce. As a certified international financial advisor (FAIQ) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, he is uniquely qualified to help you maximize your wealth potential.

Sebastien is looking after the best interest of his clients- Theory and Action to create RESULTS!

Sebastien’s focus, drive and motivation is teaching financial freedom. He takes great joy and satisfaction in the ability to transform people’s lives through first getting people to understand the psychology of money and helps people set clear and smart goals. Sebastien then clearly explains various investment strategies and ways to eliminate risks. Finally, there is someone that genuinely wants to help you maximize your returns. Lastly, Leblond Associates also has quality financial products that you can invest in through his company immediately. Theory is finally combined with action.