Success Stories

    Our clients include:
  • High net worth individuals who have 1 million dollars and above
  • Business Owners, Presidents, CEOs, Vice Presidents and Directors
  • Professionals earning above USD3,000 per month
  • Motivated individuals who are seeking a better future

"I think it was a very good presentation of all investment
options that are available. It also gave me a very good
overview about the risks involved and time frame when
I should look for different investment. I really learned a lot
from the Total Financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M seminar."


"From the perspective of a person who doesn’t have
any clues about finance, this workshop is very helpful.
It will certainly help free me financially. "

Sarika - Model

"I felt that it was very interactive, simple and easy
to understand. There are a lot of difficult financial
concepts, and making it sound easy for people from
different background isn’t simple. I would encourage
people who are looking for better investment options
to use this seminar as a starting step. This will surely
help you to make better financial decisions in the future."

Veera - Enterpreneur

"I felt that the seminar gave all different perspectives
about investments. The techniques used in the seminar
are actual workshop, discussion and practical plan
implementation. The great thing is also about meeting
new people for your own networking. In fact,
financial matters are something that Thai people
are lacking. If we have a financial concept for ourselves,
our lives at the end will be positively guaranteed. "


"I like Sebastien’s approach during the seminar
which made it very easy to understand
and I gained new insights that are usually rare
to find. I learned a lot of practical knowledge from this
seminar and I will definitely apply it all with my life."


"I felt really good because Sebastien has the abilities
to explain things in basic terms and I really
appreciated that. I’m looking forward to doing
my personal life coaching session with him."

Natasha, Life Coach

"Sebastien has been a personal friend and a financial
advisor since the time we met. In that time
my savings have grown almost 20%. The first meeting
with him was the single best investment I ever made."

Philippe, Travel Studio Manager for the APEC region

“Taking the Platinum Coaching Program was the
best decision I could make to educate myself and
invest my money with confidence.”

Renu / Research Consultant

“I appreciated how my coach listened to my
needs. The Diamond Program suited me perfectly
and I now have my retirement and investment
plan taken care of and I am taking steps towards
running my own business.”

Maryan, Artist/Educator

“Thank you Sebastien for widening my horizon
on what is clearly available for practical investment
and more importantly how to wisely take
advantage from it during difficult market. It also
motivates me to work on my life plan and how to
reach my personal and financial goals.”

Thu, Creative Designer

I was skeptical of Sebastien’s ability as a financial
advisor before I engage him to help me
manage my wealth. Now I save most of my
money on his advice. I always call Sebastien
whenever I want to invest my money.

Jeffrey / Director of Sales & Marketing

Sebastien has shown me the step by step methods
to make money through investing which I
have always wanted to do but I was not able to
start alone. Thank you so much Sebastien.

Osamu/ Director

“As an investor, I need to get more knowledge
and tips on a proper investment. The Total financial
F.R.E.E.D.O.M.? Workshop gives me a
valued insight on modern financial frontier which
I hope to apply it with investment advices from
Leblond Associates.”

Ankana Account Japanese executive

“Sebastien is an enthusiastic financial advisor and
he is knowledgeable about the market. He is an
interactive one-on-one financial advisor that
understands my situration now and finds the
solution for me to make smart investment moves. ”

Venkatar, IT Manager